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Egerton Law Journal is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes scholarly papers from participants and stakeholders from the justice sector, reflecting on achievements, gaps, challenges and opportunities in legal aid provision in context. 


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Egerton University’s Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project with support from the European Union and United Nations Development Programme under the Amkeni Wakenya project is co-creating the second National Legal Aid Conference aptly themed “Access to Justice in a Socio-Economic Crisis: Lessons from COVID 19 Pandemic” to be held in Nakuru County from 28th November to 4th December 2021.

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Vol. 1 No. 1-192 (2021): Egerton Law Journal
Volume 1
Access to justice is a basic principle of the rule of law and component of justice. It is a right guaranteed under international instruments and the Constitution of Kenya. Accessing justice is complex and can be difficult especially for the vulnerable and marginalized members in the society due to inequality, socio-economic status, gender bias and stereotypes in the justice system. I fully appreciate the work done by various entities in the justice system in promoting access to justice in their various spheres. The academy plays a pivotal role in access to justice as it is through its training that lives of those responsible for administering justice is initially shaped.   The Faculty of Law, through collaboration and with the support of European Union and UNDP Amkeni Wakenyaco-created a conference on the theme Strengthening Access to Justice through Legal Aid. This conference brought together stakeholders in the justice sector to a high-level dialogue on access to justice and legal aid through presentations of quality papers on the various thematic areas. By discussing the thematic areas, the articles in this journal bring to the fore challenges and opportunities in the field of access to justice and legal aid that generate useful information for reading and future interventions to improve access to justice for citizens.   Volume 1 focuses on the evolution oflegal aid and the legal framework associated with it. Itdiscusses legal education institutions as vehicles for promoting access to justice, the use of traditional justice systems as well as Paralegalism to expand the justice axis.
Published: 30-07-2021
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